Meet Josh


Josh’s compassion was endless: planning to build homeless shelters in Smithfield, NC and passing out blankets to the homeless populations in Raleigh.

After CFCC, Josh wanted to join the US Marine Corps as a paramedic to later become a physician’s assistant in Guatemala, where his family took yearly volunteer trips.

In 2000, he chose to stay at the local orphanage instead of the accommodations that had been provided and met Carlos. They decided they were brothers, though there was no blood relation. Two years later, the family brought Carlos home.

During one of their final conversations, Josh and Patty were discussing a comparison paper between two foundations, an assignment for one of his classes, and he told his mom that he wanted to put his money away and live on less so that he would be able to start a foundation to help others.

Joshua was taken far too soon, but his memory and his love live on. Next to the Community Arts Center at 2nd and Orange, a lantern holds a candle that stays lit for Josh, serving as a reminder of his journey.

It was with Joshua’s heart, plans, and kindness in mind that Patty found the strength to move from New York to Wilmington, NC and start a non-profit foundation with the hopes of reaching at-risk youth in the town her son loved so much, lighting the way to a brighter future with opportunities, passion, and success.