As a non-profit, it’s important that our donors know where their money is going. Here are a few examples of the trips, programs, and activities that the J4J kids have been able to participate in because of the generosity of our community.


Not everyone learns in the same environment, and we want the J4J kids to be as successful as possible. We’re so happy to be able to support them in their education and lives. Right now, that looks like Miss Patty helping home school Zymir and Kelan!


Angel performing at the J4J launch event with his guitar instructor, Mr. Davis.


A few of the J4J kids enjoying  “Peter & the Wolf” at UNCW!


Making friends and shooting hoops at Halo Hoops Summer Camp!


Miss Patty and a few J4J kids at the Southport 4th of July Fireworks.



Having fun at a photo shoot, courtesy of Matt McGrawPhotography.


J4J kids walking in the downtown Wilmington St. Patrick’s day parade!

We are endlessly grateful for the community organizations and professionals that volunteer their time and effort to the Journey 4 Josh kids.

The impact is immeasurable.