Who We Are

Journey4Josh (J4J) is a 501(c)3 foundation that seeks to change the future of at-risk children in Wilmington by funding access to positive extracurricular activities through scholarships and sponsorships.

Journey4Josh was born of tragedy.

On December 13, 2012, 19-year-old Joshua Proutey was shot and killed while leaving work. Joshua was an outgoing, adventurous young man with a heart for children. He worked at The Community Arts Theater of The Thalian Association in Wilmington, NC. And that is where he died.

Meet Josh.

J4J was created by Joshua’s mother, Patty Proutey, as a way to channel her grief into a vessel for good. She chose to create a foundation to honor Josh’s memory and help prevent future tragedies by giving at-risk children an opportunity to experience positive activities that show them a pathway to a better future.

The goal is to reach children of Wilmington with an interest in performing arts and other enrichment programs and provide funding for families who may not otherwise be able to afford these character building activities for their children.

We are dedicated to providing an environment that respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

We are a group of real people who simply believe that good can come from the tragic loss of Joshua Proutey.

We will aggressively seek out at-risk-children in need of a safety net by offering activities otherwise not affordable to them or their families.

We will pursue excellence in everything we do.  We will always provide the children the best we are able.

We will never lose sight of the significance of “ONE.” One more child reached.  One more life changed.  One more dream realized.   One is always greater than none.

We will give generously back to those we partner with in our community

We will not be detered by personal agendas as we reach the children of this city. Our only focus is on those we are trying to reach rather than those we are trying to impress.